Photo: Alex Tran

Photo: Alex Tran

My name is Sam Nute, I'm a New England-based freelance photographer specializing in lifestyle, editorial and landscape photography.

My purpose is to capture the beauty of fleeting moments, experiences and emotions. Through my degree in marketing and years working within marketing agencies, I've learned how to use photography as a tool when telling a story – whether it's for a single person, large corporation or anywhere in between. I've worked with companies like Sonos, Ikea and Ford to do this, and I believe I can help to tell yours, too. 

My major inspirations include Benjamin Heath, Chris Ozer, Leila PetersonFinn Beales, Joshua Allen Harris and Michael O'Neal.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my approach to photography. If you’re interested in working together, shoot me an email – I’ll be in touch shortly!

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