Journal – August, 2017

With summer dwindling down to the last few weeks, August was spent making the most of what we had left.

The month started with my good friend Alex partnering with Fujifilm to host a meet-up in Boston. It had been a few months since I last saw him, so it was so nice to spend an afternoon with him (and several other Boston-area photographers). The day was spent talking/catching up with everyone, so I never ended up taking too many photographs. Fine with me!


Halfway through the month, part of my family and I went on a whale watch out of Rye, New Hampshire. If you've never been on one (and live in vicinity to one), you're missing out! We ended up seeing two humpback whales, a few fin whales and close to 100 dolphins.


The month ended with my mother and I taking a day trip up to the northern part of New Hampshire – we took the tram up to the summit of Cannon Mountain, rode through the Kancamagus Highway and had a lovely time.